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FWBC  Ministries At a Glance

Service Ministries

Greeters Ministry

Van/Transportation Ministry

Parking Ministry

Nurses Board

Kitchen Volunteers

Pastor’s Aide


Missionary Ministries

-Senior Circle

-Young Adult Circle

-Daughters of Ruth

-Youth Circle


Usher Board Ministries

-Adult Usher Board

-Youth Usher Board

-Men’s Usher Board

Youth Ministries

Soul Food- Tutoring

Teens of Purpose

Youth Church

Youth Choir

Youth Missionary

Youth Usher

MOVE- Mime Ministry

Dance Ministries

Youth Dance Ministry

Women's Dance Ministry

Men's Dance Ministry

Women's Ministries

-Daughters of Zion (13-18)

-Faithful, Fruitful, Fabulous

50's & Beyond (51+)

Men's Ministry

-Brothers Reaching Out (B.R.O.)


Outreach Ministry

Evangelism Ministry

Intercessory Prayer

  -Wed.- 6:30am

 - Wed.- 6:00pm

 - Sat.-   7:30am

Music Ministries

Combined Choir

Men’s Choir

Youth Choir

Mass Choir

Senior Choir

Worship Team


  -Ministers of Music



Christian Education

Sunday School


 -Recording Secretary

 -Bible Classes


Bible Study


 -Noon Day –12:00pm

 -Evening- 7:00pm


 Youth Church

 -Ages 3-5

 -Ages 6-9

 -Ages 10-13

 -Ages 14-18

Audio, Video & Technology


Web Master

Church Announcers

Computer Room

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